September 16, 2018

Free Heritage Day Concert By Penland Phezants in Lynn Hanse House yard To Raise Funds For Skirting Heresy MK 2018

The Penland Phezants invite you to a free concert in the yard of Lynn's Hanse House for Heritage Day, beginning at noon (and with a shorter set reprising at 2 pm.) You are welcome to stay for the full hour or just to catch a song or two before wandering on all the other Heritage Delights of Lynn. Either way, please show your appreciation if you can with a crisp banknote in the donations bucket. 

This concert is to raise funds for "Skirting Heresy MK 2018* ( or "The North End Trust" if donating by cheque)" a community play raising awareness of a mediaeval Lynn author, pilgrim and mystic. "Skirting Heresy, the Life and Times of Margery Kempe," has been written by New York playwright Elizabeth Macdonald and premieres in Lynn Minster next Sat 22 Sep with a Lynn cast and a score created by the Phezants. 
Tickets here-

Margery lived all her life on this waterfront - her merchant father was 5 times mayor and MP of Lynn - and wrote the first autobiography in English. She was repeatedly accused of heresy and very nearly burned for it. She broke many of the bounds imposed on women of her day by travelling the world and practising a Christianity she was not allowed as a woman to preach. 

You can buy the album "Songs For Skirting Heresy" at the concert.

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