July 24, 2020

Who Killed Cock Robin? (triple album)


They were going to America (A 10 day stopover in North Carolina for a book signing and 4 once in a lifetime nights in New York) when lockdown hit. This 29 track triple album is what they did instead. It's about all the stuff that went on in those 4 months (the pandemic; the NHS; cartoon presidents; new ways of living; black lives matter; how the Covid 19 crisis brought into sharp relief the conflict between the human species as a society and as ‘private’ individuals.) 

The Phezant’s Tail have previously contributed to musical and artistic projects with other artists. Their only previous collaboration as a duo has been to be married for 40 years. It took four months isolation from the world in a tiny Norfolk village to make them realise they could create their ultimate opus at home. Especially when the global story and the local story suddenly coincided. 

Pooling their resources, which included musical instruments, Cluedo, a complete Agatha Christie and a home recording studio, they wrote, composed, arranged, recorded, performed and produced an audio experience that is a blend of postmodern detective story and concept rock album. 

“Who Killed Cock Robin, a Coronavirus Murder Mystery” is told through rock songs and poems presented over musical beats and threaded through with a detective story narrative and field recordings of the haunted Norfolk landscape in which it is set.

"Welcome to our fictional village of Little England in the Styx with its haunted Cock Hall; Boudicca Trail and all the layers of history and prehistory exposed by its ongoing archaeological excavation. Welcome to our 'Clued-Ouija Board' of English landscape and characters, and a national Mystery ultimately resolved in the 20 minute 20 second D Major finale "2020 Vision (The Easter Reveal)."

Because it's a sound album and not simply a detective story, you should find that the 'reveal' at the end of album 3 enriches repeat hearings of the album: after the first satisfaction of finding out who it was, knowing 'whodunit' is designed as an enthraller rather than a spoiler.