May 15, 2011

Boudicca Live At Bishop Greaves Theatre Lincoln

I'm getting the old Union Jack T shirt on again this evening at the Bishop Greave Theatre, Lincoln, doors open 6.45 pm, in a live radio performance as part of Siren 107.3 FM's Reading Room event at the Lincoln Festival. The Reading Room is live on air 7.30 pm. Yes, I have a face for radio and a T shirt and white shoes too but there is Method in my Bardness - while mainly a radio event there is also a theatre audience present and some filming going on and Simon Crawford's superb masks are always worth introducing to the public gaze. I'm doing my favourite excerpt from the show, 'In The City/The Anarchy Tour,' where the idea of Boudicca's revolt as a punk rock tour is probably at its strongest. Especially with a mic in my face. Boudicca's greatest military triumph was arguably when (after burning down Colchester) she annihilated an actual professional Roman army - the Ninth Legion - that marched out from Lincoln after the sack of Colchester to teach her a lesson. So as we drive up there today from Norfolk, her ancient Iceni heartland, there may well be a few ghosts with me. The Boudicca excerpt will close the show which stages two hours of five minute readings and which runs from 7.30 to 9.30. I guess Boudicca will be setting fire to Lincoln from 9.20 approx. Further information about the event as a whole on

Live excerpt (film) here-

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