November 18, 2015

Brown Lady of the Haunted Halls

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Oh what fun this was. A dream team. Peter Stibbons - with whom I've already completed a book for publication this week - rolling the camera; if you want something done and quick ask a busy man to do it. Three actors/musicians it was a delight to direct. My better half as factotum and assistant director. A truly knockout song performed by Waterline, music by Warwick Jones. A history/ghost ballad lyric that sort of wrote itself and called to something in Warwick's musical mirror. And a series of  one-take performances from us all. The pics give a clue to how it was made and why so quickly- yes, that's a green-screen, folk-pickers - that and the absence of lines. And the absence of anyone taking any of it or themselves too seriously! The video will be available for viewing via a link given in the book Doin different published  this Dec 6. Lynn's haunting support vocal is a treat to tingle your spine. Warwick sings and plays like an angel with a scouser face and Terry folk-rocks.

The Brown Lady herself - played by Lynn Wykes
as an Edvard Munch Scream...

and as the Circe...
of England's pigs
 (l to r Robert Walpole, Turnip Townshend, Captain Marryatt)
Jawohl herr Direktor!
The guitar boys picking the tune
Munch-y business
Yer Scouser (composer)
Terry's 'Macca' position guitar
Terry Smith, guitar man
Warwick in the groove
My direction was - play it like Macca and John
Don't look left - Ah....!
Waterline mid flow
And how Mrs 'Turnip' Townshend (d. 1726) looked in 1936

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