July 10, 2017

"6 Degrees of Separation: 7 Degrees of Love. Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz" (ghazals, sonnets and villanelles) Sheriar Press.

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What is the book about? 
Nothing. And Everything.  
And the long love-longing to get from one to the other:

Part A. The Calling, is a dialogue of Persian ghazal and Italian sonnet addressed to a Divine Beloved. 


The love songs are about married love - love (and romance) after marriage 

Leila and Majnu ( like Romeo and Juliet) is a story of parted lovers and a motif throughout the book. I think any 'other half' in a marriage has an inner Leila and Majnu quality as we are pursuing the 'lost' part of ourselves.

Why craft poetry so that it has a beat and  a melody and can be performed like music ? - 
"If God did not love music, the world could never have come into being;
And if men did not love music they would never get to God." (Francis Brabazon)

If you keep tight-lipped and try to say anything it will come out as MMMM. That OM sound can express any emotion - pain, joy, everything.   In any language, it's the beginning - Mom, Mum, Mama- and end  - Amen, Amin, OM - of Creation.

Part B

Part B has been made into a 12 track concept album:

Part B of this book was performed live by heart under St Benedict's St in Norwich in July 2015. (link to that live performance)

Whoops! Hell 1 and Hell 2 are in the wrong order and it should be Perseus not Jason on p.43. 
Perseus in the Piazza della Signori in Florence. 

Apart from two villanelles, the book is made up of ghazals and sonnets. Here's one of the villanelles-

'New mezzo del caiman di rostra vita.'  
Taking my Dante pastiche to Florence:

Dr Who Am I...(updating Dante's Divine Comedy) is an astro knight grail-quest of inner space through six degrees of separation from God and each other.

Some video and audio versions of the "Zen Trails of Hafiz" ghazals sung by Gabriella Tal:

Hear a musical version of pp. 40-41 sung by Gabriella Tal 

Watch a video version

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