November 30, 2015

Doin different on BBC Eastern Counties Radio

A sneak preview of next week's showcase 'Ballad of Boudicca' live to the BBC Eastern Counties. Are you listening Camolodunum and Lindum (Colchester and Lincoln)?

No freedom , no future no fun!..
and 20 quality BBC studio broadcast seconds of
We also gave a shout out to our Puritan Christmas Party at Oliver Cromwell House on Dec 19 (2 pm) with a broadcast of our Lynn Carol from Morra's new CD. 
Hear the broadcast here for 29 days after the 29 Nov. We start 1 hour and 15 minutes in, after Eta James.

November 18, 2015

Brown Lady of the Haunted Halls

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Oh what fun this was. A dream team. Peter Stibbons - with whom I've already completed a book for publication this week - rolling the camera; if you want something done and quick ask a busy man to do it. Three actors/musicians it was a delight to direct. My better half as factotum and assistant director. A truly knockout song performed by Waterline, music by Warwick Jones. A history/ghost ballad lyric that sort of wrote itself and called to something in Warwick's musical mirror. And a series of  one-take performances from us all. The pics give a clue to how it was made and why so quickly- yes, that's a green-screen, folk-pickers - that and the absence of lines. And the absence of anyone taking any of it or themselves too seriously! The video will be available for viewing via a link given in the book Doin different published  this Dec 6. Lynn's haunting support vocal is a treat to tingle your spine. Warwick sings and plays like an angel with a scouser face and Terry folk-rocks.

The Brown Lady herself - played by Lynn Wykes
as an Edvard Munch Scream...

and as the Circe...
of England's pigs
 (l to r Robert Walpole, Turnip Townshend, Captain Marryatt)
Jawohl herr Direktor!
The guitar boys picking the tune
Munch-y business
Yer Scouser (composer)
Terry's 'Macca' position guitar
Terry Smith, guitar man
Warwick in the groove
My direction was - play it like Macca and John
Don't look left - Ah....!
Waterline mid flow
And how Mrs 'Turnip' Townshend (d. 1726) looked in 1936

November 16, 2015

Doin' Different gig blog

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Visit Doin' Different page for what it is.

This is the page for Doin' Different live events, ranging from a turn at a singaround, a spot at Cecil Sharp House to a full blown festival gig. The upcoming stuff will come first. Once done it becomes a gig archive.

August  Gamorra at Elsing Church Hall

10 July 2016 Gaz's "Bread or Blood" show about The Ely and Littleport Riots of 1816 premieres at the Ely Folk Festival. The show was commissioned by the Festival and includes "The Ballad of Bread or Blood" ballad 27 from Doin' Different.

3 July 2016 Doin different ballads (Me, Morra and Tim Chipping) at Folk In A Field

19 December Oliver Cromwell's House, Ely, invites you to its Puritans' Christmas Party - including Gaz as Puritan and Morra as Santa - Christmas poems, period carols, mince pie, mulled wine.

13 December: broadcast Ballad number 35 from the book, The Ballad of Wells Next the Sea, performed by Warwick Jones


29 November Maz and Gorra perform The Ballad of Boudicca and Half God Half Nelson live on BBC Eastern Counties Radio. A Lynn Carol will be broadcast from the CD.

25 November Morra is album of the week!

6 December - Gaz and Morra will launch the Doin different book/ Boudicca's Country CD with a £5 show at Hanse House at 2pm.  Includes glass of wine. Showcase of the book and the CD. Bar downstairs.

19 November - Morra (with a little bit of help from Ringo - aka Gaz ) performs the new 'Boudicca's Country' album live and entire for the first time at the Albatros, Wells next the Sea. 12 Doin different ballads.

17 November - Gaz performs The Ballad of Badass King John and The Ballad of Little Jimmy at the Gin Trap Inn.

Lovehearts and Redwine step out at
the Lynn Arms, Syderstone for Hallowe'en.

For Halloween 2015, Lovehearts and Redwine will perform The Ballad of Susan Nobes (a true Sedgeford ghost story) and The Ballad of Fanny Burney at the Wolf. GaznMaz will perform The Ballad of the Brown Lady and The Ballad of Blickling Hall.

Meanwhile Morra is at Cecil Sharp House leading the audience in Half God, Half Nelson.

For Trafalgar day, Gaz will read Half God, Half Nelson at the Webburn Folk Club.

On Oct 14, Gaz will read The Ballad of Edith Cavell at The Wolf Folk Club.

At Elsing on Sep 29, Tim Chipping will perform The Ballad of Kett's Rebellion, Morra will sing The Ballad of Edith Cavell and Half God Half Nelson (helped by Gaz on the shanty chorus) and Gaz will read The Ballad of The Cod Fishers. Gaz will sing The Ballad of Cromwell's Head, holding the head.

In August, Morra will sing The Ballad of Anne Boleyn and the Burglar at Cecil Sharp House.

In August Gaz and Morra will perform their historic first Folk'n'word gig at Gin Fest, Ringstead, Norfolk