Doin' Different

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Doin Different

New Ballads from the East of England

Publisher's blurb:
In times past, the ballad was a cracking way to tell a story in verse. History, ghosts, murders, legends, outlaws, love, tragedy. Before the 16th century, such ballads travelled orally; with the coming of the printing press, the number of ballad singers increased as the words and music could travel more efficiently around the country. And here’s the latest collection, written around many tales from Norfolk and the eastern counties.

 Doin Different: New Ballads from the East of England is a collection of 39 such stories in verse. Author Gareth Calway compares the oral tradition to the chant of the football crowd and supplies his verses with a mix of musical scores. Where full scores are not available, he gives scripts with chords for the folk musicians who might like to pick up the ballads and spread them through the clubs and festivals around the counties. Even better in this multimedia age, the book supplies a variety of links through to occasions on which the ballads have been performed over the last few months - and places where you can buy them on disc. And the intent is to add in new listings as the words spread round.

The author sees the book as a starting point to a multimedia journey to hear of Boudica and Cromwell, the ghost of the Brown Lady and bingo in Yarmouth – a real mixture of the East Anglian experience over the centuries. From his own background in teaching and latterly as an actor, he has a deep love of the ballad form and whether you’d like to read or to sing the stories, there’s plenty to enjoy in this new book.

The book is in stock in East Anglian bookshops or direct from It can also be ordered at all good bookshops throughout the UK. It  is on sale at Jarrold's, Waterstone's, Hanse House (Lynn), True's Yard (Lynn) or via

Doin Different: New Ballads from the East of England

Author: Gareth Calway                   Publisher: Poppyland Publishing

ISBN 978-1-909796-22-5                  Paperback RRP  £10.95                    November  2015




BADASS KING JOHN  (October 2016 commemoration rap)

DONE DIFFERENT - the final interview (includes Nice Guy and Boudicca performances)

For a whole album of Doin different ballads in a range of folk/pop/rock/punk styles covering Norfolk characters from Boudicca to Nelson, buy Anto Morra's fabulous CD Boudicca's Country available via or at Gamorra* concerts.*Gamorra is the folknword duo Gareth Calway and Anto Morra.

Hanseatic Characters - a play performed at Lynn's Hanse Festival May 2016 - includes a feast of Doin different ballads as written and performed by various artists.

Review of Anto's CD Boudicca's Country  
R2 Magazine review of Boudicca's Country - here

The portal to Poppyland Publishing's Support and Resources for Doin Different 

A four minute Gamorra canter through The Ballad of Boudicca; The Night Train To Diss, Yarmouth Visited, Half God Half Nelson and Margery Kempe of Lynn (Lynn Carol


1 The Ballad of Fiddler’s Hill (audio) (Fried Pirates live video on the hill itself)
2. The Ballad of Boudicca from Anto Morra's CD Boudicca's Country
(See 38. below for audio and video of the 'other' punk Boudicca ballad)
3. The Ballad of the Bagaudae (Gill Sims-McLennan)
5. The Ballad of Lancelot and the Grail Maiden (Vince Matthews and auto harp)
6. The Ballad of a Twelfth Century Hood (from Morra's CD)
and Live at Cecil Sharp House
( This takes you to a film of A Nice Guy rehearsal which begins with Julian music: 'All Shall Be Well' and then 'The Ballad of Julian of Norwich')
A Nice Guy:The Burning of William Sawtrey
(closing scenes of the 2015 Lynn Festival Fring production)
see also-
Flesh's Song (from the Castle of Perseverance a contemporary Morality Ply)  
A lively revisit of the opening scenes performed at the wrap party.
11. The Ballad of Margery Kempe
Performance at SHARP Archaeological dig Sedgeford
Hanseatic Characters (Lynn Hanse Festival film including performance of The Ballads of Margery Kempe)  Performance of the ballad at Marriott's Warehouse Upstairs, South Quay, on Margery's waterfront.
Link to a 4 minutes highlights of a a performance of Margery Kempe at Lynn Minster
Link to a 20 minutes highlights package of ‘Margery Kempe The Wife of Lynn’s Tale’ by Gareth Calway, including this ballad and other Margery music composed by Tom Conway
12. The Ballad of Anne Boleyn
13. The Ballad of Anne Boleyn and the Burglar (film of live performance)
16. The Ballad of Cromwell’s Head
20. The Ballad of Sir Robert Walpole
21. The Ballad of The Brown Lady
24. Just Like Tom Paine’s Blues  (Morra singing it live at Cecil Sharp House!)
20 quality Gamorra seconds on BBC Eastern Counties radio
(Me reading it at Webbern Folk Club)
26. The Ballad of the Ruined Hall
(there will be performance of this in an Ely Folk Festival 2016 show)
29. The Ballad of Susan Nobes performance  
30. The Ballad of Edith Cavell (Morra with slide tape film by visual artist) (me reading it at The Wolf Folk Club, Wolferton) (Morra live at Elsing)
32. The University of Esoteric Abbreviations (film) (audio)
33. The Ballad of the EAS Rider
34. Yarmouth Visited
37. The Ballad of Boal Quay (film with an  audio pre-recorded for this 2015 Festival fringe production staged in Lynn Minster, performed by composer Tom Conway – introduces the play and is performed in full near the end) (the audio)
The Ballad of Boal Quay by Anto Morra over the closing credits - last 5 minutes - of this William Sawtrey (film) 
39. A Lynn Carol
A version composed by Tom Conway performed in Lynn Minster at the link under Margery Kempe above


Below is a collection of features published in East Anglian journals in recent years giving historical background to the subjects of the ballads. It hopefully provides a kind of ballad-led history of Norfolk and East Anglia.

The Ballad of Boudicca (EDP front page feature Dec 2013)
The Ballad of the Bagaudae and
The Ballad of Sedgeford
The SHARP Project (EDP feature)
The Ballad of Badass King John (with murals of Lynn history and links to Lynn news features about the new statue of John in Lynn town centre) (Lynn news feature)
The Ballad of Julian of Norwich
The Ballad of William Sawtrey
Video- (EDP news item) (Lynn News review)
The Ballad of William Sawtrey and The Ballad of Margery Kempe (Suffolk Norfolk Life Magazine)
The Ballad of Margery Kempe (Sawtrey and Margery) (EDP) (Sawtrey, John Brunham and Margery Kempe and her scribe)
The Ballad of Cromwell's Head
Looking for the truth behind 'Scrooge' Oliver (published in the EDP 19 Dec 2015)

Presentation of 1643 siege of Lynn cannonball to Lynn heritage
The Ballad of the Backwoods Cavalier

Presentation of 1643 siege of Lynn cannonball to Lynn heritage 
The Siege of Lynn 1643 (EDP Weekend Feature August 2013)
The Ballad of Sir Robert Walpole
The Ballad of Turnip Townshend
Viscount (‘Turnip’) Charles Townshend of Raynham –a Farmer for All Seasons
The Ballad of Fanny Burney (EDP feature July 2014)
The Ballad of Susan Nobes (Friday Lynn News feature July 5 2013)
The Ballad of Bread or Blood  (link to EDP and SNL features)
 The Ballad of Edith Cavell
A Lynn Carol
Santa and Saturnalia at the Solstice (EDP Weekend 21/12/13)

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