December 17, 2006

December Poem Of The Month (Part VI)

from Norfolk Carol, 1996

1. Christmas Eve, 3pm

The elements of Christmas -
Fire and ice -
In this tempered Arctic sun
That burns in the trees.
In these pools like skating rinks
Deep and dark and even.
In the flinty ground
And the bitter Easterly.
In the solstice sunset
Bleeding the black woods
And its ice-pink afterglow
And its fire-blue areola.
In the barn-wide rising moon.
In my soul as I'm turned
To the unlit wings
That cradle and grave
The sunset's light show.
In my soul
At a rising star
Burning like ice
In the polar blue.

In my hearth at home
(Crackling through logs),
In the farmer's field
(Roaring through twigs),
Red-raw and orange
Tongues of life-lust:

The vital, stripped down
Simplicities of winter.

This poem’s companion piece will be posted on Dec 24

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