January 27, 2007

City Go On The Attack


(as broadcast today on Radio Bristol and published in the Western Daily Press)

08:00 - 27 January 2007

How many Os in Middlesb(o)rough?
Some people think there are two.
There's one - except this Saturday
A nought at the end will do.
But what will the City figure be?
What number will settle the score
With credits to Murray, Showunmi
Maybe? Just the one? Maybe two. Maybe four?

Gareth Calway, Bard of Ashton Gate


Anonymous said...

Hoping my comment will be approved by the blog author I offer only this....

Unlucky my son.

I think they call it 'concentrating on the League'.

Still I hope it was a good night.

All the best,

Paul Mooney

Gareth Calway said...

Thank you, Mooney!

I'm not sure how interested you are in history but 100 years ago, Bristol City FC were actually top of the old top flight and chasing the title. (They finished second, three points behind Newcastle, losing the last three games over Easter.) And in 1909 we were contesting the FA Cup Final with a tam of arrivistes called Manchester United. They call it the old competition. In fact, it's a very NEW competition.
Our time will come.