November 21, 2007

Clueless In Ipswich (after Milton, Eyeless In Gaza)

A Tie Of Two Halves

It was a game of two halves.
We lost the first half 2-0
And the second half 4-0.
It was a game of two teams.
One was brilliant, fast, took
Every chance, the other was
Off form, injured, unlucky, awful.
Standing crushed and alone
After, at an Ipswich bus stop
Listening to the blue buzz,
I answered my mobile phone
Very loudly, ‘yeah we lost
Six nil, but it’s a tie of two
Halves: they’ve had it now.
We’ll MASSACRE them at home.’

1 comment:

Gareth Calway said...

We did. 2-0. And after Bradley Orr went off with a smashed eye-socket, missed promotion to the Premiership by one Dean Windass goal v Hull at Wembley.