August 27, 2012

Cromwell's Talking Head

Press Release

Cromwell's Talking Head Diggers ISBN 978-0-9573960-0-5

Book launch of Cromwell’s Talking Head by Gareth Calway at the Oliver Cromwell House museum in Ely, 7 pm Monday Sep 3. The true ghastly story of what happened to Cromwell’s severed head after his body was dug up by vengeful Royalists in 1661. Told by the head itself!

History lovers, families, kids both big and little, come and hear a tale that will make you squirm. This is history as you have never heard it before!!

Norfolk based children’s author Gareth Calway is reading his new story, Cromwell’s Talking Head, the gruesome tale of what happened to Oliver Cromwell’s head after his death, at the Cromwell House museum in Ely on 03/09/12, the house where Cromwell actually lived. Included in the evening will be a tour of the museum by museum staff. This horrible history tells the true but bizarre story of Cromwell’s head in his own voice with his own unique take on the events that lead up to his death.

Gareth has been writing for many years and has seven books of poetry and a novel published. His children’s book, a story of the transatlantic slave trade ‘Bound for Jamaica’ is due to be published by Collins later this year.

The live reading at Cromwell’s House is also the launch of the book ‘Cromwell’s Talking Head’.

Cromwell’s Talking Head was also broadcast by Siren Radio and is available on a podcast at

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