September 04, 2012

Cromwell's Talking Head launched.

My new book 'Cromwell's Talking Head' was launched to a sell out (plus a few more) at Oliver Cromwell's House last night, his lucky day and anniversary September 3. The sun shines on the righteous and everyone else gets their heads chopped off! A fascinating tour with a costumed guide of the house as well. Stay tuned for news of how to buy the book.


Lindy said...

This was a really entertaining evening! We had an enjoyable and informative tour of the house with an informative guide followed by 'Cromwell's Talking Head'. Gareth conveyed his knowledge of Cromwell in a visual and fun way, so much so that I bought the book as a reminder of the evening. I know more about Cromwell now than I did before the show! We even had a glass of cider, compliments of the house!! Recommended!! :-)

Margaret Haynes said...

Interesting and lively new take on Cromwell.

Margaret Haynes,

Cromwell House guide

Adrian Tebbutt said...

I can thoroughly recommend listening to Cromwell's head - it talks a lot of sense!

Well worth attending