October 08, 2013

Bound For Jamaica On Folkpost Radio Oct 13 2013

I will be reading Bound For Jamaica – my children’s story about the Atlantic Slave Trade (published by Collins Education) – as a live broadcast on Folkspot Radio from Great Massingham Social Club this Sunday October 13 at 7.15 pm. (15 minutes). I hope this reading may be of interest.

This is the launch of a regular storytime/spoken word slot from me on Folkspot radio which will be broadcast weekly from 7.15 to 7.30 pm. The subject of this week’s story has been chosen to coincide with Norfolk Black History month.


(The next few weeks of broadcast thereafter will serialise a murder mystery set at UEA in the Hendrix late 60s called ‘Who Killed Lucy?’)

Details of book - http://www.collinseducation.com/titles/78912/bound-for-jamaica-gareth-calway-alan-gibbons-9780007489077

Folkspot radio link - http://www.folkspot.co.uk/folkspot%20radio.html (radio player is live Sunday evenings 6.45-10.00 pm)

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Steven Vertigan said...

What a lovely evening at Folkspot at Gt. Massingham Social Club. Excellent music from Fried Pirates and excellent poetry/spoken word from the multi-talented Gareth Calway.