February 26, 2014

Aiming for Progress - Collins series PUBLISHED AT LAST

Link to Lynn News feature on this publication-

Writing and editing the Second Edition of this series was one of the hardest and most sustained labours of love ever but also some of the work I'm most proud of.

These six books contain my best educational writing and editing by some distance. The fruits of three decades teaching and  learning how to use high quality texts and make classroom resources that give, as Collins say, 'the freedom to teach'.

Two personal favourites, outside of my signature Boudicca, Slave Trade, Cromwell and Beatles territory (all included in the series) and the bees spread that had the new Science-English party buzzing, and ,well pretty much everything else :) are:

1. This Norfolk spread I wrote for Collins Aiming for Progress in Writing and Grammar Book3, which I hope puts some of our local issues on the world education map.

2.  My favourite page from Writing Book 4, combining the model social media talents of one David Izod (Droitwich ) and the really talented Calway, our daughter Emma.

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