January 11, 2015

Wolf Folk Club, Sandringham Woods, Norfolk, bite sized previews of the film of the film of the anthem

If you go down to the woods.

Ginsberg, Howl your heart out! The Silver Fox leads the Pack...

Never mind Frozen. Never mind Jaws. Here's three John MacLennan hand-cam previews of a film of Howl (a poem what I wrote) - as lupine ear-marked by pack-leader Roger as a Wolf Folk Club anthem - performed live by the Pack. (And we do have a big good time down in those big bad woods.)




and here

Note also the film of the film of the film being made by musician-visitors from the Deep American South. The man making notes is my therapist.

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Tom Wantmore said...

They be wolfing it down good and proper me ole bard making big bad Uncle Tom proud yet again...