October 15, 2016

Helloooo? Magazine: Emma & Tony's Wedding

This is how it looked from my angle. The full story of the wedding is at - http://www.wedpics.com/p/228755859
The night before
And tomorrow will bring me a prince...
1. Glad Steps (for Emma)

On Marine Parade in Brighton, we bowl,
Father and bride, smiling through the stress,
Amused they hardly notice your heaven-made dress,
Unsure of my feet as I play the role
So many have before by ear, heart and soul,
An unrehearsed novice doing my best
Past this willow pattern chavvy express
Bright town of eyes all but blind to our glow.

At its shabby-chic Hall, and still unsure
Of my lines and moves, I give you away;
You - October sunshine; your groom in tears,
As made up as your mum, your maids of honour,
Your hundred raving guests lost in love's play,
Mutely divining the music of the spheres.
The marriage sonnet - hear it here.
(Shakespeare's sonnet 116)
2. Tony
And so - at last - not just in step, in law
We're kin, the son is father to the brother
And wedding-suited well to one another,
The end of a line, un-warp of the flaw,
My gap generation's inherited war
Tie-refashioned; 'What's Tony's best feature?'
Our daughter laughs: what else, that you love her,
A kinship I immediately saw.

The daughter is mother to the woman,
My little girl still beams there in the bride
But needs a mate and Tony you’re the man;
You make the speech you feared and find you can
The pal is pumped up in the father's pride,

The family joy of being human.
The Mazmeister
'Love's not Time's fool...'
Hear Mazmeister's speech and much else at http://www.wedpics.com/p/228755859

One of my duties as Father of the Bride was to spend the whole morning photographing pretty ladies drinking prosecco. Well someone's got to do it!
The wedding day dawns
and yes it's going to be sunny!
now watch as the wedding women assemble...

the maid of honour starts her work

it's magic

mixed with bubbly


It's a Essex thing

Ullo, the other Eams has arrived fram Saffend

bearing quality gifts, 

like an air hostess who knows the pilot has bailed out but puts a brave face on it
now for the face

look away now

party on - it's Xanthe and Chloe

the money shot

the Mazmeister

oi oi, the dress...

I fink she likes it

the bridal magazine cover

the maid of honour dress

oh yeah, forgot about him!
Frodo, have you got the ring?
Er, I fought you ad it...


Lynne said...

How fabulous! What lovely pics - you all scrub up so well! And Gareth, your words brought a tear to my eyes. How lovely. My heartiest congratulations to you all. And I LOVE those dresses! Both of them! xxxxx

Gabriella Tal said...

Mazal Tov! from Israel to Emma-Tony and the family. You all look scrumptious and joyous. Such poetry from Gareth clearly a great and glorious hurrah! I add my good wishes to the lovely couple.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pics and beautiful words Gaz. The only wedding I've shed (more than) one tear at!!! Xanther xxx

Chloe said...

Love it! Great words and photos, love The Gaz xx