November 17, 2016

Children In Need Event At Princess Theatre Hunstanton

Never work with children or animals (in this case a splendid pantomime cow) they say -  and I usually don't. But they're wrong of course and it was a blast taking part in this genuine old time variety show. Lots of heartwarming talent - I think the big rock choir hymning Cohen's 'Hallelujah' behind the Victims of Time was a real getting out of yourself moment, as was joining in on Brian's Lyin' Eyes. All the glitz of showbiz of the dancing troupes, dance studios and the stage schools; the really polished Frank Sinatra routine, the multi-talented Rollasons with their amazing stage presence and basically everything. I hope I haven't left anyone out. I never expected to sing Queen (whom I cordially loathe!) in a full company at the end either and I even enjoyed that. All the stage technicians and managers who worked so hard and of course Gemma Parsons the director and the excellent compere Steve Knowles. (It was a world away from the last work Steve and I did together, playing Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry VIII in 'Tom and Harry'.)  So much hard work behind the scenes to make it go with a swing and raise that money for the cause.  And a lovely appreciative audience joining in and clapping along. Very proud to have been involved. 

To help this wonderful charity, I will be transforming from the mild mannered clean-shaven middle of the road citizen you see above to the mediaeval apologist for King John you see below.

Here's the running order of the full show.
It looks like a lot of fun!
JAE Dance Studio Adults 
Too Darn Hot (TAP)
Steve Knowles (In front of Reds) - Welcome and Introduction
Rock Choir 
Introduce Rock Choir
Rock Choir  - 15 min set
Finishing with Proud – Anna Hallard
Reds Down Rock Choir Exit
Steve Knowles – Introduce Brian
Reds Up (Ist Cow)
Brian – Acoustic Guitar (10 mins)
Steve Knowles - Introduce JAE Dance Studio
JAE Dance Studio – Evergreen (start offstage)
Reds Down 
Steve Knowles Introduce Cliff
Cliff Rat Pack Set (13 mins)
Steve Knowles Introduce JAE Dance Studio
JAE Dance Studio – Windy Washing Day (start offstage)
Steve Knowles to introduce Victims of Time announce end of Act 1
Victims of Time
Close House Tabs
Leela - Trapeze Routine
Steve Knowles Welcome Back
Tommy Rollason 
      Juggling Act
Steve Knowles – Introduce Rollason Stage School Street Class promote Panto
Rollason Street Dance Routine
Lucy Rollason and Cow – Promoting Panto with Script
Lucy Rollason – Songs from Panto
Interlink into
Rollason Stage School – Mary Poppins etc.
Reds Down
Steve Knowles Introduce Gareth Calway
Steve Knowles introduce Sean ‘Rollo’ Rollason
Sean ‘ Rollo’ Rollason
10/15 mins Act
Rock Choir – 15 min set
Dance With Me Tonight (Hand Jive) Finale and Bows – ALL ON STAGE TO DO HAND JIVE  
Steve Knowles -  Thank Yous and Goodnight
Full Company - Don’t Stop Me Now with RC
Close House Tabs

Children In Need 2016

Once again the Princess Theatre is proud to be supporting Children In Need – We have a great cast of local artists to entertain you with comedy, music and dance in our special variety show

Friday 18th November 2016 - 19:30

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