November 26, 2006

Pompada, Verse II

On Saturday 25 November I wrote a poem about the Ashes based on Sir Henry Newbolt's Vitae Lamapda. I called it Vitae Pompada. Five minutes later, it was being broadcast to the world....

Pompada, Verse II

The dust of the Gabba is stained with sweat
Wet with the wreck of a team that broke
The plan is dead and the bowlers wrecked
And the batters are blind with Ashes’ smoke
The Aussies are rubbing our nose in the dirt
And England’s far and honour a name
But don’t kick a Pom when he’s bloodied and hurt,
”Stand up, pad up - and fight again!”


-pete. said...

Like it Gareth.

What happened to the first verse ?

(from an Aussie who was there on day 4 at the Gabba and saw that the poms did have some fight in them.)

Gareth Calway said...

The first verse will be posted shortly, along with a third. Hope you like them too. Any chance of borrowing Glenn McGrath for a bit?