December 12, 2015

It Was 50 Years Ago Today - Dec 12 1965

With a little help from my friends Waterline (above) I've put together a commemoration narrative of that moment 50 years ago today when the act you've known for all these years - the ultimate fusion of art and popular culture - played a live concert tour date in Britain for the last time.

Here it is in apple-bite size chunks.

Introduction  (and a happy 100th birthday to Frank Sinatra)

Norwegian Would - But Did She?

Live at The Capitol Cinema, Cardiff, Sunday December 12 1965

We Can Work It Out - Can't We?

A Loaded Warm Revolver 

In December 1965, the Beatles were so loaded with hits, they not only put out a Christmas No 1 single with two A sides, they also put out a Christmas No 1 album of 14 more songs without needing to include either. In that spirit, here's a Christmas bonus for you from Warwick and me from 'Doin different - new ballads from the East of England' (spot the Beatle influence!)

The Ballad of Wells Next the Sea

Finally, for a performance the other Christmas A side (Day Tripper) and the complete fairy story of that Capitol Cinema concert in Cardiff,  here's the second half of 

'Beat Music: It Was 50 Years Ago' 

as broadcast live on Folkspot (now West Norfolk) Radio by guitarist John William and I in 2013 (poster at top of page).

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