May 26, 2016

Hanseatic Characters (Stories and Songs) part of Lynn Hanse Festival 2016

Complete album from Room at the Hanse's Hanse Festival Show (21/5/16) here

Watch a film of the live show here

Margery in Heaven and Flesh sing The Ballad of Margery Kempe

Hear The Ballad of Margery Kempe here

Soul (Vanessa Wood-Davies)

His Bobness the Bishop (World)

Hear Flesh's Song here

Hanseatic Characters (Stories and Songs)  Words by Gareth Calway. Music by Anto Morra and Vanessa Wood-Davies.  Includes examples of English spoken and sung in Norfolk at the time.

performed by 'Room at the Hanse' Theatre Company. The Conference Room, Hanse House 11 am.  Repeats at 1 pm and 3 pm. 
30 minutes. £5 admission. Children free.

This is a chance to learn about some iconic Lynn characters from Hanseatic times as brought alive by this entertaining company.

John Brunham, fourteenth century merchant prince, mayor, royal agent and MP for Lynn at the time of Geoffrey Chaucer, introduces himself in the language of the time. He also introduces his fellow parishioner Father William Sawtrey, a parish priest of St Margaret's at the end of the fourteenth century (d. 1401) and the first man to be burned in England for his beliefs - and his daughter  - Margery Kempe, mediaeval visionary and author of the first English autobiography ('The Book of Margery Kempe.')  The company then tell William's terrifying story in the style of the time (a Morality Play)

The Merchant of Lynn - 'Anchorless and quite alone'
John Brunham...Gareth Calway
Harp…. Vanessa Wood -Davies

The Ballad of Margery Kempe performed by Anto Morra Vanessa Wood-Davies and Melanie Calway (vocal)

A Nice Guy: The Burning of William Sawtrey  (a Morality Play)
Faith….. Gareth Calway
Flesh…. Anto Morra (guitar)
Soul…. Vanessa Wood-Davies (harp)
World…. Bob Bones.
The Devil ....Bhas Allan

A Nice Guy is written in a mediaeval style with symbolic characters and in a verse form Hanseatic audiences would have known and enjoyed.

An extract from last summer's outdoor performance of the full A Nice Guy in the Hanse House courtyard here

Vanessa Wood-Davies as Soul

Anto Morra and Gareth Calway as Flesh and Faith

Bob Bones as World

All pics  by Bhas Allan

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