April 25, 2017

7 Flights - Gabriella Tal and Gareth Calway

Lyricist Gareth Calway after eating his latest birthday cake in UK

Gabriella Tal and I have been co-operating on a sequence of ghazals (Persian love lyrics), working title 7 Flights To Heaven. 

This is the place to find links to what we've done so far. Keep coming back as this blogpost will be updated as we add more and as I work through our back catalogue. One (p)operatic voice and an eloquent acoustic guitar. All you need!

If You Conquer  The oooo- ooohs are divine!
All The Heavens In A Thought The calm after the fury

And, finally, the seventh heaven: This is God

These lyrics are written for the female voice and are love songs of increasing intensity. 

For those who also like maps, quests, drumbeats and battles (like me) there are alternative beat poem versions in the male voice, telling the same story in different words. The genre here is heart-beat music, a bit rocky. 

666 Rockets The afterlife as a fireworks display

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